Biomechanical Solutions - Specialist Musculoskeletal Orthotist's
Biomechanical Solutions provides a comprehensive orthotics service, specialising in analysing the underlying cause of lower limb dysfunction and foot pain.
Biomechanics is a specialist field that examines the interaction of joints, ligaments, tendon and muscle in relation to body movement and the physical world around us. The body is complex and a small change in structure, function, load or indeed rate of loading can lead to tissue break down and pain.
If you attend an appointment with us, you will be assessed by an orthotist with a specialist interest in musculoskeletal pathology. This will involve a full gait analysis, looking at how you walk, or perhaps completing the activity that brings on pain such as running. We will then carry out a complete assessment of the symptomatic area and once the affected structures are identified, an appropriate insole will be prescribed to address your specific needs.
Our Insoles are of the highest possible standard, designed using the latest CAD/CAM technology and custom made to suit your individual requirements. The insoles will fit within your own footwear and will reduce the stress/strain on the affected tissue allowing it to heal.